We help agencies and brands deliver 
campaigns designed to captivate audiences

Our core philosophy is the same for every single campaign we run: put your target audience first. Our aim is to minimize wasteful spending, drive impact that aligns to your bottom line, and use data to tell you what worked and what didn’t.

Identify your audience, 

budget accordingly

It all starts with targeting the right people — and our experts are here to help. We offer flexible solutions that allow you to bring your own audience data, or leverage our offline analytics file for building a custom audience from scratch. Most importantly, we make sure your audience is right-sized to your budget to ensure we’re delivering just the right amount of media for maximum impact.

Find them anywhere

Leveraging a number of trusted onboarding partners, we push your audience into the digital ecosystem, allowing us to reach them on any screen they’re looking at, whether it’s a phone, TV, tablet, digital billboard, or grocery aisle check-out screen. Our state-of-the-art ad tech stack and team of programmatic experts allow us to reach your audience efficiently and move them to action.

A trusted partner

Even a perfectly-executed campaign isn’t of much value unless you have access to the data that helps you tell the story of success. We believe the most effective campaigns are the ones where everyone has transparent access to data and can track the success of a program. Whether through triggered reports or an accessible dashboard, we want to put the daily data into your hands so we feel more like a partner and extension of the team rather than an outside vendor.

Optimize for success

While many in the industry are focused solely on performance-based metrics, Precision has a deep understanding of how to determine what works and what doesn’t in persuasion-based advertising. Engagement metrics don’t equal persuasion, which is why we optimize around realworld exposure to your messaging. Our team goes beyond completion rates and viewability, focusing on validated cost-per-exposure. 

Who we are

Precision is a trusted programmatic buying partner focused on delivering paid media campaigns that drive real-world impact. Our experts have executed successful campaigns for Fortune 500 brands, progressive causes, and candidates for elected office at every level. Leveraging reliable data sources, vetted buying tools, and proprietary technology for advanced measurement, Precision is the best-in-class solution for your paid media campaigns.

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