We built a platform to 

help you change minds.

The average American now spends more than 13 hours a day with media and sees thousands of ads each day. How do you make your message break through? 

Precision is here to help. Our platform turns your audience from a broad persona to a targetable universe of people that we can reach across every screen.

Target the right people.

Everything we do starts with your audience. Our tools help you identify the exact right people -- whether that's using one of our audiences for voters, policymakers, and elites, or building a custom network of influencers around the people you need to persuade.

Meet them where they are.

Our identity graphs lets your reach your audience anywhere they spend time -- whether that's  a phone, computer, TV, digital billboard, or elevator screen.  And beyond digital, we measure what our audiences chooses to watch, read , and listen to so that we can buy media as efficiently as possible

Measure what matters.

Engagement doesn't equal persuasion. That's why we built a suite of survey tools let you know what's really working. We go beyond typical online panels and measure how ads change opinion in the real-world -- which lets us put an ROI on every campaign.

Track the competition.

Precision Network can tell you who else is targeting your audience - and what they're saying. Knowing who your competition is doing and if it's making an impact is the differencemaker between a campaign that misses the mark and one that breaks through.

Why Precision Network?

Precision Network is a trusted technology and data partner for agencies and brands. Our tools are focused on delivering campaigns that drive real-world impact. Leveraging innovative data sources, vetted buying tools, and proprietary technology for advanced measurement, Precision Network has the best-in-class solutions for your integrated campaigns.

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