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Precision’s John Ellison and Andrew Eldredge-Martin in Campaigns & Elections

“From our viewpoint, the best digital programs of the 2014 cycle were the ones that integrated media planning across online channels to saturate audiences with individually targeted ads, optimized placements for the highest possible viewability, and reserved premium inventory.” – Precision’s John Ellison and Andrew Eldredge-Martin writing on digital ad...

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Precision President Tim Lim quoted in the New York Times

“It just shows digital advertising has gotten a lot more sophisticated, and people are planning a lot more in advance. If campaigns want that premium space, it requires them to act a lot quicker than they’re used to.” – Precision’s Tim Lim in the New York Times on limited digital...

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Political Firms Collaborate to Give Democrats an Edge in 2012

Two leading Democratic firms announced a solution today that gives Democratic candidates the best online advertising technology coupled with the most accurate data in the field. Precision and NGP VAN will help Democratic candidates fight back with the same tools and techniques that led Republicans to sweeping victories in 2010....

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