Precision’s Andrew Eldredge-Martin interviewed by The Boston Globe

“Precision Network was born out of the 2012 campaign, and it was focused on reaching audiences with a more targeted set of advertisements through any digital channel. The 2014 cycle was much more about taking the technology and capabilities of the 2012 cycle and scaling it down to statewide races. That was what we did in the Shaheen campaign.” – Precision’s Andrew Eldredge-Martin

Read more from senior media director Andrew Eldredge-Martin’s interview in The Boston Globe after Precision helped Senator Jeanne Shaheen win reelection in 2014.

Precision’s John Ellison and Andrew Eldredge-Martin in Campaigns & Elections

“From our viewpoint, the best digital programs of the 2014 cycle were the ones that integrated media planning across online channels to saturate audiences with individually targeted ads, optimized placements for the highest possible viewability, and reserved premium inventory.” – Precision’s John Ellison and Andrew Eldredge-Martin writing on digital ad placement and viewability in Campaigns & Elections.