Advanced Analytics & Data Insights

For persuasion and branding campaigns, clients know that clicks are not the best performance metric to judge the efficacy of their marketing campaigns. Our team looks at more than just the usual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to figure out if your marketing campaign is effective.

To optimize our paid media mix and our segmented ad creative, it’s critical that we are able to measure activity and sentiment at the top of our marketing funnel. This requires more than just looking at clicks and impressions — we need to understand whether our creative impacts our audience’s sentiment and propensity to take an action.

Using proprietary survey and audience analytics technology, we have the ability to perform the following analytics tests:

  • Pre-Campaign Creative Tests: Ahead of the launch of new creative concepts, we can measure the potential impact on sentiment and intent. To do this, we generate a small sample audience from our actual ad campaign audience, target them with potential video creative, and subsequently deliver them a 1-2 question survey.  We can test up to four variables per test; this means we can test three creative assets on one audience segment or two creative assets on two audience segments.  This will help inform our creative weighting (e.g. which creative moves specific audiences more) for digital, addressable TV and direct mail.
  • Ongoing Attitudinal Measurement: On a monthly basis, based on exposure to our marketing content, we will measure awareness and sentiment among our key audiences. Initially, this will take the form of macro-level tracking of people exposed to our messaging vs. a control group. As we dial-in our key audiences and pieces of creative, we can begin to track the impact of frequency and addressable channel mix (both paid and owned) as well.

If needed, we can also provide deeper qualitative feedback and message testing from online panels and focus groups of key consumer, behavioral or political audiences. The goal of these tactics is to effectively measure the impact of the marketing campaigns and obtain real time sentiment tracking in order to optimize the media program.