One-to-One Audience Targeting

We help our clients maximize the impact of their media campaigns on precise, granular audiences through one-to-one targeting.

Whether an advertiser starts with a list of individuals they want to target or needs our help building that list – we can match and reach those individuals with 360-degree saturation of media.

An audience list can be a model built from a public consumer file or voter file, a company’s CRM database, or any number of other sources. This is the same process we used to match the 50-state NGP VAN Voter File, giving us an unprecedented ability to reach voters through online advertising.

Maximizing the Reach of Addressable Media 

At a high level, we want to reach as much of each audience as possible.

This involves leveraging several data sources and channels to maximize our match rates. When we can combine platforms, digital mediums and data sources, we estimate we can match 60%+ of our offline universes.

Our approach for both deterministic and probabilistic matching is distinct from lookalike modeling in that it is an attempt to target a defined audience with minimal waste, rather than find a broader group of behaviorally similar people to our audience.

To extend reach and frequency beyond deterministic and probabilistic matching tactics, we often do recommend several other targeting tactics to increase reach and impact.